"For the first time ever online, the complete
Gay Extreme Hardcore S&M Library from the
Bijou Theater producer Steven Toushin"
The most intense gay cinema ever shot!


For the first time online, the complete Gay Extreme Hardcore S&M movie library of American gay film industry pioneer and Bijou Theater producer, Steven Toushin. Gritty, Nasty and Manly, these are the movies that make your butt twitch, from a genre where the twinks are bears and the bears are just plain scary. All movies available in Streaming, Windows Media, Quicktime and Mobile formats with full reviews, director's notes and behind the scenes info.


This site contains movies and other content that may be highly objectionable and to some individuals. If you are under the age of 18, or content which includes Gay Sex and Sadomasochism, Fisting, Humiliation, BDSM, Anal Fucking, Enemas, Biker Gangbangs, Masturbation and Cock Sucking offend you, please leave NOW. Otherwise.....


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